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[player nick / name]: Kippur

[series]: Original (Spirit Chronicles)
[character]: Keldar Del'Tarn
[character history / background]:

Keldar's world is full of spirits. They embody things like fire or nature or water. 99% of them are tiny things about the size of a thumbnail. Water spirits appear to be drops or sprays of water. Earth spirits are the color of amber but squishy. Fire spirits are like sparks of flame. They are pretty much everywhere. The remaining one percent are the greater spirits. They can take the shape of humans or other animals. Sometimes they manage to convince a mortal to join them into their realm. Once this happens, if the mortal isn't rescued quickly, the mortal will become a greater spirit under control of the one who stole him or her away.

Technology wise, the land is magi-tech level. They use a metal called eblion that attracts and stores magical energy from the air. It's used in everything from lights to the light rail. It pretty much runs the empire.

Unfortunately I don't have much about Keldar's personal history yet because I haven't worked it out in story and he's an unreliable narrator. What I do know is this: Keldar was not born with the ability to shape shift into small animals (from mice to about fox size, no flying ones). He gained it at some point probably between his teenage to early twenties years. The "Del" in his surname (if it's his real one, I'm fairly certain it is) it shows that he's from the nobility of his land and possibly related to the royal family.

He trained as a bard with a master Bard named Serin. Being a member of the bard guild is the only thing he is honest about and the only thing that he makes sure that he keeps honest about himself. After he became a master he spent most of his time as a traveling bard. This is because he tends to get himself chased out places.

As I have him in story, he's been unwillingly recruited by Serin to help discover what's happening to the empire's source of eblion. Something is draining it away. As Keldar is the only known person who can shift into animals and is familiar with nobility (at least according to Serin and he's not a liar) he's one of the best people to find out what's happening. Keldar is not happy about this as he doesn't want to be an agent of the king. It's too much responsibility. And it might end up with him dead. He's seriously against ending up being dead.

[character personality]: Keldar is a compulsive liar. He is a shape shifting lying bard who lies like a lying thing. Preferring to keep his past mostly obscured including how he got his shape shifting abilities, he lies about it and doesn't even bother to give the same story to different people. He makes it up as he goes along. Unfortunately he sometimes forgets to keep his lies straight and gets caught on them. That's usually when people try and chase him down and he runs away. He's absolutely okay with running away. He knows too many stories about heroes ending up dead or in trouble as well as coming out okay. So, he'd rather live comfortably in obscurity than do something great with his life and possibly die horribly.

He tries to be charming and suave, but he never really quite gets it down. It's because of this and getting caught in a lie that he's never actually gotten around to loosing his virginity. Something he doesn't talk about.

Despite often getting caught in lies he never stops.

However he got his shape shifting abilities, he finds them a distinct advantage in his life. He doesn't exactly keep them a secret, more along the lines that he never mentions them directly. If someone discovers it, he won't deny it, however he will lie about he got them.

The one strange bit about him is that when he is acting in the capacity of a bard he is completely and utterly honest in his dealings. He will pay his guild dues with money he earned honestly as a bard. It's as if he's separated his life as a bard with his regular life as an utter liar. He doesn't see anything contradictory about this.

[point in timeline you're picking your character from]: Before he's picked up to be an agent for the Emperor. For which he's eternally thankful.

[third person / log sample]:


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